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Hockey Heroes

South Africa’s best female players show off the latest #3StripeStyle gear

Check out what  #mygirls  are wearing
“I enjoy getting dressed up for a party and putting on heels. But my Supernovas are always in my car, just in case.” 
— Sanani, goalkeeper
“I love the bright funky colours Adidas is bringing out. I wear sports gear to university all day and don’t have to change before practice. I basically live in my gear!” 
— Izelle, striker/midfielder
“I play in adidas Cross Training shoes. They fit so snugly; I love the feel of them.”
– Illse, midfielder/defender
“I really love the Stella McCartney range. It’s funky and feminine.”
– Sulette, striker
“Hockey's 50% physical, 50% mental. It feels amazing when your mind and body sync perfectly.” 
– Sulette, striker